What is Eat Clean

Eat clean is better eating

How to Eat Clean

Eat clean drink water all day

Drink Water All Day

Start your day with a glass (8 oz) of water, preferably two.

After sleeping your body needs hydration. A hydrated body is a healthier body.

Ideally, drink at least Womand (2.2 liters) / Men (3 liters) a day.

Start when you get up and continue drinking water throughout the day.

Generally you can get about 20% from food.

Read more about how important water is for you.

Eat clean portion size

Eat Balanced Portions

Controlling your portion size is a key to eat clean.

A portion is about the size of your palm or fist.

You can decide how much to eat.

Don’t feel obligated to clean your plate. Overeating will not help you feel better.

Eating better will not only make you feel better but your health will be better.

Learn more about portion sizes

Six meals a day with eat clean

Eat Six Meals A Day

Eating six times a day – Sign me up!

Traditional eating is three meals a day.

With eat clean you still eat Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Eat clean adds a small meal after each of these.

You will not be eating more food just more often.

You will find as you progress with eat clean that you will eat when you are hungry and that usually means about every 2-3 hours

Breakfast starts within about an hour to hour and half after you wake

You stop eating about four hours before going to bed.

When you eat nutritious food, with a plan throughout the day you will eat only when you a re hungry, be more satisfied when eating and your health will be better.

Planing your meals will make it easier to eat clean.

What is a day of eat clean meals

Eat clean includes planning your meals

Plan Your Meals

Eating six meals a day sounds like a lot but with a plan you will get the hang of it.

In the beginning, having a plan is especially important.

When you plan your meals (at least three in advance), it becomes easier to eat clean.

Preparing multiple meals in advance, should save time and money.

Take a look at a weekly eat clean meal plans

Eat clean means avoid wheat for better health by better eating

Eat Fresh Local Fruits and Vegetables

Average Americans do not eat enough fruits and vegetables. [make this a link to an article]

Eat clean is not a vegetarian or vegan only approach, unless you want it to be.

With eat clean you will be eating more fruits and vegetables.

Fresher and local is usually the best choice.

See what Organic really means

Which fruits and vegetables to eat organic

Eat clean means lean protein to eat better for better health

Eat Lean Protein, Complex Carbohydrates and Healthy Fats

Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats fuel our bodies fuel.

We need all three in our diet

However not all protein, carbohydrates or fats are the same.

To eat better it is important to:

  • understand these three energy sources
  • incorporate beneficial sources into your daily meals
  • avoid or elimate non beneficial sources

Without this information you cannot eat better.

More about Lean Protein / Complex Carbohydrates / Healthy Fats

Eat clean means no added sugar to eat better for better health

No Added Sugar or Sugar Substitutes

Manufacturers add sugar for taste not nutrition.

The American palete likes food % sweeter than Europe

Manufacturers use this to sell their products.

Read this letter from Oceanspray about their product[ADD LINK to pdf of letter or an article]

Sugar substitutes are used o manufactureres can claim their product is no sugar or that it is a diet product. Studies show that drinking diet soda is worse than hifructose corn syrup or sugar. so what is the pont of drinking diet soda – It’s marketing tied into the myth that dieting works

To avoid sugar you need to know the Code Names for Sugar.

Learn more about Added Sugars and Sugar Alternatives

Eat clean means no chemicals in your food to eat better for better health

Avoid Chemicals and Processed Foods

If you cannot pronounce it or don’t know what it is, why are you eating it.

Chemicals are added by manufacturers to:

  • stabilize food
  • extend shelf life
  • alter/enhance flavor
  • to make it look better

Are these reasons to be eating chemical enhanced food.

Processed Foods usually have reduced nutritional values, are less filling or less satisfying for your body.

With Eat clean you reduce their intake and substitute healthier mor nutritional choices.

More processing does not mean healthier.

Eat clean means avoid wheat for better health by better eating

Reduce Wheat and Wheat Products

Most wheat products are just a processed commodity and do not have much nutritional value.

There are Wheat Free Alternatives healthier choices that are delicious.

wheat and alternative flours

eat-clean-read all-food-labels

Read All of the Nutrition Label

Know what is in your food before you eat it.

The only way to do this is to read the Nutrition Label

All other parts of food packaging is just marketing. The packaging is a way food producers try to make their product stand out on the shelf.

The Nutrition Label is what really matters.

Better choices starts with information.

How to read the Nutrition Label according to:

FDA / American Heart Assoc / WebMD

See FDA changes coming to the Nutrition Label

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