Eat Clean Recipes

eat clean recipes

Eat Clean Recipes

Start by using recipes you have.

Eat Clean is not about starting from scratch, it is about making smart choices about what and how you eat. With Eat-Clean you do not need to begin a new collection of Eat Clean Recipes.

Almost any recipe you have can be used as the basis of an Eat-Clean Recipe. If you have cookbooks, recipes you have collected or go online for recipes; then you have Eat-Clean Recipes. The most important thing about Eat Clean is knowing what you are doing. When you know how to Eat-Clean then you know what to look for in a recipe and how to make adaptions to recipes to Eat-Clean.

******BIG WARNING HERE******

A recipe labeled EAT CLEAN or CLEAN EATING doesn’t mean it is
Read and understand the ingredients
Eleminate or substitute ingrediets for your taste or when necessary

As part of our Starting to Eat Clean we recommend that you eat foods that you already like to eat, but follow our guidelines for eating clean.

The same works with recipes, you already love and enjoy. So when it comes to recipes, start with what you have and go from there.

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