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Eat Clean Frequently Asked Questions

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Eat Clean is about controlling what and how you eat in order to give your body the best opportunity to be who you can be. Eat Clean is a lifestyle choice, not a diet plan, that helps empower and energize you. What you eat affects how you feel, your energy level and whether you are lean, fat or obese. Eat Clean is about making better choices, which just seems a smarter way to go.

ABSOLUTELEY NOT! EVERYONE IS WELCOME! Eat Clean is about making better choices about eating. You to have to eat, you might as well be eating to maximize your potential.

NO. You have to make choices every day about how often, when and what you eat. Eat Clean helps you make choices that will benefit you past your immediate urge to eat.

Who knows. Eat Clean is not about counting calories. Every persons body requires a certain amount of nutrition every day. The same amount of calories may cause you to lose weight and others to gain. Eat Clean focuses on getting good nutrition and letting your body do what it does.

You should start feeling like you have more energy very quickly. However each person will experience weight lose at a different rate. Different things effect weight lose, such as, current physical condition, lifestyle, weight, genetics, exercise and how you go about eating clean.

Who knows. Some weeks you may not lose any; other weeks you will lose more; and, other weeks less. At some point you should reach a level where your weight stays in a consistent range. Eat Clean is not a sprint or some miracle weight lose solution. It’s about making choices that create long term, positive change. Your body is going to be going through changes which will effect your skin, heart, lungs and muscles. You do not want to lose weight too fast. Generally no more than about two pounds of weight loss a week considered to be healthy. Do not set weight lose goals. Pay attention to what you are doing, so you can adjust your choices. You do not want to go too fast. Some times the turtle wins the race.

No. This is not about age. It is about making good choices about what you eat. As long as you are breathing Eat Clean is for you.

Yes and you are already on your way to Eat Clean. Eating clean includes fresh fruits and vegetables. There are other sources of protein than eating meat, eggs. It is just a matter of what you choose to eat as part of your Eat Clean meal plan.

No problem. While fish is a sources of lean protein there are other choices such as chicken, turkey or a vegetarian/vegan options.

There is still a place for you at the eat clean table. Whether you have allergies to gluten, seafood, nuts or whatever, you can work around these restrictions. You are doing it now, so you can definitely do it while eating clean.

Yes; but with all choices that can effect your health, you should consult your doctor first. You may already be following some of the basics of Eat Clean which includes reducing, if not eliminating, processed sugar and its substitutes.

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